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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 – A dad got infuriated after seeing what his son had posted on his WhatsApp status and ordered him to leave his house.

The young man had blocked his dad from seeing his WhatsApp status updates, not knowing that he was using WhatsApp GB, which enables someone to see somebody else’s WhatsApp status updates even after being blocked.

His son’s hilarious WhatsApp status update read, “Dad is ugly so I guess I got the looks from my mum,”

After reading the status, the infuriated dad told his son that he shouldn’t find him in his house when he comes back home.

“I shouldn’t find you in my house,” he responded to the status update.

The young man tried to cool down his dad, saying that he was just joking, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“It’s just for fun dad. Nothing serious,” he responded and the no-nonsense dad wrote back saying, “And you are leaving my house just for fun as well. 

“I should not find you just for fun,”

He even tried to send a voice note to his dad to apologize but the damage was already done.

Check out this hilarious conversation.

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  1. I support the father fukuza yeye if you’re son has finished campus or college and is 18 years and above fukuza yeye kimutu kikubwa kimemea mandevu and is still under parents roof wajinga sana,hawa vijana wana matharau sana even this ladies kutingisha matako kama imejaa mavi slay queens fukuza wajuwe shida nini parents are tolerating and entertaining them yet they bring troubles in the communities and difficult to fit in society because of bad behaviors.

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