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Monday, 27 September 2021 – A lady has written to activist Boniface Mwangi and narrated how a man assaulted her and refused to pay her after sex.

They had agreed that he would pay her Sh 20,000 after a night of sex but he turned against her after satisfying his manly needs.

A scuffle ensued when she demanded her dues and during the melee, the brutal man reportedly beat her up.

His neighbour and a security guard later joined in and continued beating the aggrieved lady, calling her a prostitute.

He later threw her out of his house while she was half-naked.

Boniface Mwangi shared screenshots of the chilling messages that the lady sent to him, narrating the traumatic incident.

The man reportedly promised to pay the lady her dues after Mwangi intervened.

Here’s what Boniface Mwangi posted on his Twitter page.

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  1. Life has become like a game of chase the economy is tough but still this lazy slay queens think men are still after there goodies only a foolish lady with tattoos like a poetry picture still thinks and depend luring men for there goodies for exchange of money, weak up ladies when the coffee is still hot ,a boy child is no longer interested venye unaskia after intimacy is the same the boy child feels why should he buy let’s share the bills and enjoy but don’t think that you’re more important in this society to be paid after intimate sahau blame the government for economy but never blame a boy child it’s simple don’t stress a boy child if you chose to be lazy and depend on men to pay your bills please think twice or death will be your choice,work hard even a man doesn’t want a lazy woman think twice and change your ways.

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