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Wednesday, 01 September 2021 – Rapper King Kaka has been battling ill health for the last three months, following a misdiagnosis.

Taking to his social media platforms, the celebrated rapper said that he has lost 33 Kgs for the three months that he has been sick and despite seeking medical help from different hospitals, doctors are yet to find a solution.

He feels no pain and all the tests have turned negative.

“Dear Fans, it’s only right that I share this with you. I have been sick for 3 months 8 days now. I was misdiagnosed. Lost 33kgs and in the process we started hospital visits, did all the tests and they were Negative funny thing is I feel no pain and we are still hopeful that we will get the solution soon,” he wrote.

He started eating food three weeks ago after surviving on porridge and fruits for over two months.

His waist has reduced from 36 to 33 after losing so much weight.

“My waist was 36 now it’s 33 Ata sina nguo, was consuming only uji and kidogo fruits, started eating food 3 weeks ago pole pole ntazoea and no taste for 2 months,” he added.

King Kaka said he has new respect for God and life and thanked his close friends for always checking upon him.

But on a positive note, he has recorded an EP while still battling ill health since the doctor advised him to do something that makes him happy as he continues to recover.

He further thanked his wife and mother for standing with him for the last 3 months.

“While I am in my final recovery stages I will show you some of the stories and how I got. I miss my kids, my wife @nanaowiti has been a great pillar through the 3 months and my mom. What I need from you is just prayers nothing more. I was born a winner , I just hope that I am alive for it,” he concluded.

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