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Thursday, 23 September 2021 – Renowned YouTuber and ex-girlfriend to famous radio host, Nick Ndeda, insists that she never wants to get kids for personal reasons.

Speaking in an interview with Lyn Ngugi, Muthoni urged Kenyans to respect her decision and stop lecturing her since she has already made up her mind.

“I do not want kids. I find it intriguing how people take it emotionally. 

“It’s a choice I made for myself and it has nothing to do with anyone. 

“I have never wanted kids, even as a kid that part of kids never cropped up. 

“I see myself getting a partner and exploring places,” she said.

 “As a woman you are expected to have kids and there is a number people assume is the okay number, it’s never enough,” she added.

Muthoni does not even want to adopt a kid, adding that she informs any man she falls in love with about her plans on the first date.

“I do not want to give birth it starts there, even for adoption, No. 

“I do not even want to be a stepmom. The only mom I am willing to be is a cat mom. 

“I know what I want, I will never regret this decision. 

“I tell someone on the first date that I never want kids, I have to let them know it’s a no-go zone. 

“I would not want to be with someone who thinks they can change my mind,” she added.

Here’s a link of the candid interview.

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