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Wednesday, September 8, 2021 – Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kassait Kamket has been arrested.

Kamket, who was elected on a KANU ticket in 2017, was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations over the ongoing skirmishes in Laikipia County that have left 9 people dead in the last two weeks.

Kamket’s arrest comes moments after former Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel’s arrest. 

Lempurkel was arrested in Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County by DCI detectives over the same chaos in Laikipia.

According to George Natembeya, the Rift Valley Regional Coordinator, the two leaders have been sponsoring the ongoing banditry wars in the region.

Natembeya promised to bring all leaders who are linked with the attacks to law.

Natembeya also revealed that the bandits have been overpowering police because they have sophisticated weaponry like M16 rifles while police are using the traditional G3 and AK47 rifles.

”The guns that these bandits are using are mighty. They are called M16. Most of them are only used by foreign troops who come to train in Kenya,” Natembeya told journalists on Tuesday.

An M16 rifle, used by the military only, is a 223 calibre (5.56 millimetre) gas-operated magazine-fed rifle for semiautomatic or automatic operation.

“How such a powerful rifle got into their hands is a puzzle that should be investigated,” he said.


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