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Thursday, September 16, 2021 – The Kenyan Judiciary has once again embarrassed Kenyans after it jailed former Sports Cabinet Secretary, Hassan Wario, for six years or pay a fine of Sh 3.6 million.

Making the ruling on Thursday, Magistrate Elizabeth Juma said Wario was guilty of corruption and abuse of office over the Rio 2016 Olympic Games scandal.

In the scandal, over Sh 52 million taxpayers’ money was stolen.

The court while convicting Wario, said that indeed he took advantage of his office and had three other persons travel and be included in the team Kenya and have allowances issued to them.

According to the court, this move by Wario resulted in the loss of public funds.

“The additional names were included after they closed the accreditation… This was an indicator that the three were not part of the team Kenya ..,” ruled the court.

Magistrate Elizabeth Juma further noted that Wario did not have the mandate to allow the three to travel to Rio. The three include Monica Sairo, Richard Abura and Edan Adow.

The magistrate noted that there was a wastage of resources, adding that the budget for the games needs to be tailored. 

She directed that not everyone involved in the planning should travel.

Wario’s co-accused Stephen Soi was jailed for 10 years or pay a fine of Sh 103 million.

The ruling is a big embarrassment to Kenya’s Judiciary since only the poor are jailed without the option of a fine while the rich, who are behind mass corruption in the country are jailed with an option of a fine.


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  1. This magistrate who the determined the corrupt cases in the ministry of sports is not fit to be in the position. she should be removed immediately from the bench. Why are the fines so different between the former CS, and Soi. The fine for the former has been reduced is 8 times whiles the other is been multiplied by 2 times. No wonder Miguna calls Kenya a banana republic!

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