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Sunday, September 19, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has taken his campaigns for the 2022 presidency a notch higher after he promised to improve the welfare of young people with UN jobs, tax holidays, and cheap loans if he becomes president next year.

In a statement today, Raila said he will create a Ministry of Youth in his government to address issues affecting young people.

He noted that a 7-year tax holiday and affordable loans will be introduced for enterprises owned by youth.

Raila also proposed the establishment of a Youth Commission which will advise both national and county governments on policies and programs that secure sustainable livelihoods for the youth.

“Ease of Doing Business in Kenya must begin giving particular attention to and providing accountability mechanisms for how easy it is for young people to start a venture and build a business. 

“The Tax Holiday for Youth businesses must be a reality, but that is just a start,” he said.

At the same time, Raila noted that youth should have easy access to ICT, entrepreneurship training, and guidance and counselling on drugs and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention among others.

“Maintain data bank on skilled youth, source support, including extending specific incentives to SMEs ran by craftsmen and artisans and ensure that their passions become professions, industries and jobs,” he added.

He proposed a review of HELB Loan by expanding the limit to reflect the cost of living in Kenya as it evolves, removing the interest rates accrued and CRB listing of the graduates.

“Design a policy for youth leaders program, both global and local by supporting 1000 youth every year with paid internship in UN and other international agencies across the world to enable them grow and be infused with best practices by developed countries,” he stated.


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