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Tuesday, 28 September 2021 – Popular Inooro TV anchor, Njoroge Wa Githinji, has recounted how he was fired from K24 when his wife was pregnant.

Speaking in an interview, the popular vernacular TV journalist said he had worked at K24 for eight months before he was fired unceremoniously in 2013.

When he was fired, his wife was four months pregnant and he felt as if the world had come to an end.

“I sat at Fig Tree, Ngara wondering what would be my next move. 

“I was wondering what kind of life lies ahead of me. I hated life and whenever I saw people smiling, I wondered why they did.” He said.

At one time, he worked in a quarry to sustain his family after he failed to get a job.

He later got a job at the defunct QTV when his wife gave birth.

However, the contract was short-lived.

He went back to hustling and later got a job at Royal Media Services-owned Inooro TV.

Njoroge faced hurdles when he was employed at Inooro TV after some of the fans started doubting his capability.

However, he ignored the noise and concentrated on building his brand.

“Some told me that I would bring my co-host down and that I was not the best person for the show. 

“I focused on being myself and created my own brand there,” he said.

He is currently among the most sought-after vernacular TV journalists.

He has worked at Inooro for six years.

Njoroge praised his wife for being supportive when he lost his job when she was pregnant, adding that she always encourages him to work hard.

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