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European Super League: Still Alive?

One of the biggest news in European football this year was, without a doubt, the proposed formation of the European Super League. For those of you who aren’t up to date on the matter, a series of high-profile European football clubs, including Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United, among others, tried to form a new football league reserved for the best teams on the continent, with the goal of generating more revenues for their clubs. The project was seen as a helping hand for football clubs that saw their purses empty last year – by some, that is. Others, including UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin, considered it little more than a cash grab – Čeferin used his considerable power in the world of football to quench the movement before it could grow, punishing the breakaway teams harshly for their audacity.

The European Super League would’ve certainly been an interesting project. For one, it would’ve added many high-profile matches to the Betway soccer betting platform. And not just any matches – balanced and unpredictable ones, that could’ve made betting on Betway a more exciting experience. The teams in the European Super League would’ve all been at the top of their game, with many star players – this, of course, would’ve meant more high-profile football matches every week.

The European Super League was short-lived – it collapsed days after it was announced. But it seems that the dream is still alive in the hearts of some important football personalities.

Joan Laporta: The project is still alive

There are three clubs that are still holding out hope for the European Super League project to move forward: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. The three clubs have taken the matters to the European Court of Justice, hoping that its ruling will allow them to proceed with their own league, out of the control of the UEFA. “The Superleague project is alive,” Joan Laporta, president of Real Madrid, said, speaking to Onze TV. “We have won everything in the courts. It will be the most attractive competition in the world. We only need to improve the meritocracy aspect.”

Čeferin: “Those guys have tried to kill football”

But UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin has vowed to prevent any similar attempts in the future. He never misses an opportunity to criticize the breakaway clubs, especially since they are still holding out hope for their plan to succeed. Speaking of Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, he called the clubs’ presidents “incompetent”, saying “I would not mind if they left, it is very funny that they want to create new competition and at the same time want to play the Champions League this season. Those guys have tried to kill football.”

Čeferin pointed out the inconsistency in the clubs’ rhetorics, giving Real Madrid as an example: although the club continuously complains about its dire financial situation, it did attempt to sign French star forward Kylian Mbappé for 180 million euros this summer.

The dream of the European Super League may be very much alive – but the obstacles in front of a breakaway league featuring all the best football clubs in Europe are still there as well. It remains to be seen which side wins in the end: the all-powerful UEFA or the comparatively weak football clubs.

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