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Thursday, 23 September 2021 – A vehicle loaded with a consignment of cannabis sativa was impounded by detectives, as it made its way into the city. 

The marijuana that was carefully concealed in 13 bales was recovered from a vehicle that had travelled from Malaba, with four occupants.

Paradoxically, three of the passengers were Catholic missionaries from the Benedictine Sisters. 

The visibly shaken nuns were however not connected to the consignment since they had boarded the vehicle as passengers, headed to a convent in Karen.

Detectives from DCI Langata division had earlier flagged down the vehicle along the southern bypass, but the driver failed to stop prompting a high-speed chase that left the three missionaries silently reciting their rosaries and meditating the sacred mysteries. 

Their prayers were finally answered when the ill-fated jalopy they were traveling in, failed to match the speed of the Subaru hatchback used by the detectives, forcing the driver to jump from the vehicle as they approached the Kabage area and disappeared into darkness. 

It is after a search was conducted in the vehicle that the consignment and three jerrycans containing 35 litres of locally distilled Chang’aa brew were recovered. 

The sisters who were at pains to distance themselves from the drugs explained to the detectives that they had earlier boarded the vehicle at Malaba on the Kenya-Uganda border, paid their fare and the driver was just about to drop them off in Karen, when the detectives flagged down the vehicle. 

A manhunt for the suspect is still ongoing. 

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Not all who wear the black flock see it like secret calling are saintly believe to be but this is shocking and terrifying sinful nuns when the government is fighting drugs and illicit Brews to rescue youths from drugs and alcohol the sinful nuns have become sister master minds charity of drugs and illicit brews and still supported by the churches and communities, instead of kindness and caring this nuns are causing damages and countless lives in the communities.

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