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Sunday, September 26, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has asked religious leaders not to sideline politicians from the church, but instead preach to them.

Speaking on Sunday during a church service at AIPCA church in Meru, Ruto said the word of God can be preached in many ways, and he has worked hard to bring the politicians to church.

“I want to ask the Bishops and other church leaders not to chase these people. Preach to them,” Ruto said.

“I have worked so hard, some of these politicians were not known for coming to church but many have started coming because they have seen me coming to church. 

“God has continued to push me and they now know that God is everything,” Ruto added.

The DP also said he supports the stand taken by the clergy to bar politicians from using the altar to abuse their opponents.

Ruto called on politicians to respect the church, whenever they are given a chance to speak.

“We need to have limits as Christian leaders. Let us not bring our political feuds to the altar,” he added.

The DP’s remarks come barely two weeks after several churches barred politicians from speaking during church services.

On September 13, the head of the Anglican Church, Jackson ole Sapit, banned politicians from addressing congregants in any of its churches across the country.

He also barred the clergy from visiting politicians’ homes, saying that their work should be in the church, doing evangelism.


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