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Thursday, September 2, 2021 – Chief Justice Martha Karambu Koome has introduced Justice Thursdays: a day dedicated to public engagements.

This comes amid speculations of State capture with President Uhuru Kenyatta seen as controlling the Judiciary.

Taking to her platform on Thursday, Koome affirmed that the new move will involve bringing together all stakeholders in the justice administration sector and feature media interviews, court visits, and National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) engagements.

Other services that will be featured include outreach programs, social media discussions touching on various aspects of justice, mentorship programmes and also direct public engagements with the Chief Justice.

Michael Mumo, the Communications Advisor at the Office of the Chief Justice, revealed that the move is aimed at achieving justice for all Kenyans.

“Her (Koome) vision is social transformation through access to justice. It is giving wider access to Kenyans to the judicial services.”

He gave an example of how Koome, since taking the oath of office, has fast-tracked the pace at which Kenyans can access justice through small claims court. He lauded this move affirming that the cases take a maximum of 60 days, a very tangible improvement as opposed to previous times when the cases would drag in court. 

“If you go to a different court, it will take you a longer time to access justice. It’s also less expensive to pursue a matter at the small claims court,” he pointed out. 

He added that on Justice Thursdays, Kenyans can send their queries to the CJ through and that she would respond to them in person.

“There is an email that has been shared. So if the public asks a question that is within her purview, then she will be able to respond to it,” he stated. 

He noted that the court visits would depend on the Covid-19 situation in the country. 

However, Koome’s engagements with the NCAJ remain a continuous process since she’s the chair.


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