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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 – The Anglican Archbishop, Jackson Ole Sapit, has dropped a bombshell, revealing why Kenyans are poor despite the country being rich in resources. 

Speaking during an interview, the man of God opined that the lack of elaborate policies in crucial sectors like agriculture, health, and education, was the main cause of poverty among Kenyans.

The Archbishop explained that the wrong policies set to benefit the few elite, coupled with shrewd and unscrupulous measures set to take advantage of Kenyans were intentionally hatched and politically instigated. 

“Whenever farmers are almost harvesting, the elite create food shortages by importing food, flooding the market and forcing farmers to sell their produce at throwaway prices.”

“They do not get a return for their input as prices are low,” stated the Archbishop. 

“Who is then responsible for making this farmer poor? If we are not managing the health sector properly, forcing a peasant to sell land to afford treatment, then who is responsible for making the poor person landless and poor?” he posed.

He explained that the same was witnessed in the education sector, where parents have lamented on outrageous expenses and fees structures as they grapple with the new education system, the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

High taxation, he added, also scares investors from investing in the country. 

Sapit urged politicians to outline models that benefit Kenyans, address policies, and aid Kenyans in changing their mindset towards politicians. 


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