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Monday, 13 September 2021 – A concerned Kenyan has narrated his encounter with a female bishop that he met in a bus on his way to Kitale from Nairobi.

He thought she was a real woman of God, only to find out that she is a devil worshipper.

She reportedly wanted to sacrifice him together with his wife and 4 kids to her alters.

Read the victim’s shocking encounter with the woman who is reportedly a devil worshipper.

Precisely, I come from Kitale.

So, on 1st May 2019 I was traveling from Nairobi to Kitale by Greenline bus, just after we left Machakos country bus there is this ‘holy bishop’ who was preaching in the bus, her name is Bishop Mary, she was also a passenger on board on that day, she started preaching, convincing everyone on board that nothing is impossible before ‘God’.

 She said she could cure all our problems in the name of the ‘Holy Spirit. Gullible enough, I fell for her words. 

Having lost my previous job, I believed I had been bewitched/cursed, so she told us she was ministering at Kalia FM (Kapenguria) daily from 5:30 am – 6 am.

She told us she was anointed by the most high God.

Little did I know that ni kawaida ya maisha kupata shida za kawaida.

 After arriving home, within 7 days I called on her number 0708125*** that she had shared while on the vehicle. She directed me to her home, Chesitia, Kitale on your way to Kimwondo. 

As a desperate fool, I planned to head there as soon as possible. Within 7 days I had visited a remote village (village) that had no even a direct path for a car user. 

She performed her ‘usual’ prayers. I went back home. In a week’s time my wife fell seriously sick.

She said I was surrounded by wicked neighbors who wanted to kill me.

I had to move to a different place on a rental property.

To cut the long story, anything you could tell her she could say hiyo ni utukufu wa baba. 

After thorough struggles and research, I learned that she had already planned to sacrifice me to her alters alongside my 4 children and my wife. 

 She is a devil worshiper.

Her son is the area MP PA.

She is so wicked. Help save someone’s life

Ana wivu sana.

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