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Thursday, August 12, 2021 – Harriet Scott Achieng, the woman who turned into an overnight social media celebrity last year after 3 men recorded themselves chewing her in turns and leaked the video, has gushed over her husband as they celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

The mother of three posted a romantic video goofing around with her husband in a bathtub and described him as the most focused and dedicated man that she has ever met in her life.

She said that when she met her husband as a 21-year-old lady, she was a nobody but over the years, he has transformed her life.

‘’Just like that it’s been 15 years! Happy Wedding Anniversary my love @scottdent_orthodontics. 

“Our marriage has been so transformative and expansive! I wouldnt have been able to envision the kind of life we would have together when as a young maiden i said “I do.” 

“I didnt even know what unconditional love meant when I met you as a wee 21-year-old. You have taught me how to be more than myself and embrace the expansive world and its various dimensions. Your humility, love, generosity, courage in the midst of adversity amazes me. You are the most focused and dedicated King that I know. 

“I appreciate your unconditional love. Today all my reflections are of deepest gratitude. I was a nobody but you have made me everything.

“Happy Anniversary!’’ she wrote on her Instagram page and shared the romantic video below.

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  1. Every family has a dark side this are few handful and plenty to uncover,it’s for each one of us who is outside there to change there ways for who they are and what they want in life and don’t let it hunt you in future.

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