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Even though the service provided by FaceTime is parallel, it has a strong limiting factor. This limiting factor allows only the people who own Apple devices to create a connection via FaceTime. The app can only operate either on the iOS or the macOS version which has pushed many people including Apple users to find an alternative to FaceTime to stay connected with their dear ones and colleagues who do not have Apple devices. Here are the top six alternatives of FaceTime for video calling.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, in addition to textual chat, supports both audio and video calls. The video chat support of WhatsApp permits both one to one conversation and video calls. Using WhatsApp, it is also possible to switch a voice call into a video call and a video call to a voice call. In both cases, the user will be notified about the call. It is important to ensure a strong internet connection as the quality of the video call will always depend on the contact that has the weakest internet connection. Currently, WhatsApp supports video calls of up to eight participants. Also, a participant cannot be removed from an existing video call until the person disconnects the call on their own. 

2. Skype

Skype is a popular video calling app which is used for both professional and personal conversations. With millions of Skype users, it is one of the most popular platforms for all types of communication. The app supports both audio and HD video calling and supports its application on the phone, desktop, tablet, web and even Alexa. With Skype, a user can engage with 100 people at a time in an audio or video conference. The app further allows the users to reach out to the people who aren’t on Skype. It is also possible to connect with random strangers on Skype just like other video chatting websites like Bazoocam and Ometv that allows a user to engage in a video call with strangers. 

3. Messenger

Messenger, which is designed for communication between Facebook friends, is a great app for doing video calls which offer the users with both fun and new ways to hang out with each other. Messenger offers the users the opportunity to create a room which can then be used for inviting other people in the room just by sharing a link. It is a cross-app instant messaging app that supports vanish mode which removes the sent message disappears automatically after they are seen and one exists the chat. Messenger supports video calls for up to eight people and supports interactive video features. 

4. Google Duo

Google Duo is considered to have the highest quality of the video call amongst any other apps that supports video call. Currently, the app supports the group call feature for up to 32 people. In addition to making video calls, it is also possible to share video messages with friends. All the calls taking place via Google Duo are encrypted to give top priority to the privacy of the users. An interesting feature of the app allows the users to capture moments right in the video call with the help of photos. Further, the video call feature supports fun elements like effects, masks and even doodles. 

5. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video call app that is specially designed for business people. The app is designed to connect and collaborate. Google Meet supports high-quality video meetings for up to 250 people. The connections are encrypted to give maximum protection to the users. Additional features in the app like the Q & A, hand raise and polls can be used for engaging in a meeting without actually interrupting a meeting. It is also possible to share the screen for discussing different components of the agenda. 

6. Zoom

Zoom is another video calling app that is highly used by businesses. Both the audio and video call supported by Zoom is flawless. It is a cross-platform instant messaging app that supports instant screen sharing. Currently, the free version of the app allows a group call with 100 users. A meeting can be hosted and joined directly from the Zoom website by either entering the meeting ID or personal link name. Also, the free version of Zoom supports group meetings for up to 40 minutes. The large enterprise-ready plan of Zoom supports 500 participants and unlimited cloud storage. 

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