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Thursday, 26 August 2021 – Flamboyant city fraudster Allan Chesang, who masterminded the infamous laptop scandal at Deputy President William Ruto’s office, turned a year older in style.

Chesang hosted a lavish birthday party that was attended by popular Tanga Tanga leaders, among them Gladys Boss Shollei.

Well-known gold fraudster Jared Atieno was also at the posh birthday party.

Ben Kangangi, another well-known ‘wash wash’ kingpin, was also spotted at the party.

The birthday party that was held at a lavish entertainment joint in Kitisuru was mainly a ‘Tanga Tanga’ affair and a meeting of fraudsters.

Allan Chesang is eyeing a political seat in 2022 and he is being mentored by Oscar Sudi.

He masquerades as a businessman but he is a very notorious fraudster.

Here are photos of the birthday party.

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