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Sunday, August 29, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting with Jubilee Members of Parliament (MPs) in a bid to rejuvenate his party which is facing a myriad of problems ahead of the 2022 General Election.

However, conspicuously missing was the embattled Secretary General Raphael Tuju and Vice Chairman David Murathe, who have been on the receiving end over Jubilee’s dwindling fortunes, thanks to Deputy President William Ruto.

There have been calls for Tuju and Murathe to resign following the numerous Jubilee losses in the recent by-elections and for them to snub Friday’s stormy meeting with the president has raised eyebrows.

However, according to sources, the two were never discussed at length since they were both appointees of the president.

“Yes, there are people who have been pushing for the removal of Tuju and Murathe but I do not think they are the main problem in the party.”

“A party without a presidential candidate always has a problem,” the source stated.

Upon inquiry, Murathe noted that the meeting was based on the lawmakers discussing their future within the party. He added that the Jubilee Secretariat did not have a problem with the proposed rejuvenation of the party.

“This is about their (MPs) careers. If they want to strengthen the party they should be more involved. We have no problem. In any case, we have started engaging with the parliamentary leadership. We will also be engaging the actual members but they need to participate from wherever they are in re-energising the party,” Murathe stated.


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