Tuesday, 03 August 2021 – Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has left tongues wagging after sharing a video of a sex worker demanding money from Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

In the mindblowing video, the sex worker claims that the youthful Senator slept with her without protection and then refused to pay her the money they had agreed before they exchanged fluids.

“We had agreed that he will pay me Ksh 10,000 for one round and we had three rounds. I am demanding a balance of Ksh 20,000. We didn’t use protection and I even fear that he might have infected me,” the sex worker is heard ranting in Swahili.

She further claims in the video that the randy Senator threatened her that he will send goons to beat her up if she exposes him to the public.

The video comes barely a week after Sonko threatened to expose a senior politician who is infecting young ladies with HIV and impregnating them.

In a Twitter post on Monday July 27, Sonko wrote, “Haki ya Mungu viongozi wengine ni wajinga sana na wanastahili kuchomwa. Yani unajijua uko na ukimwi but instead of using rubber ama mpira kazi yako nikuambukiza viongozi wenzako na innocent women plus kuwapea mimba. Pepoo wewe. Ngoja tu utaskia very soon. (God’s Righteousness! Some leaders are very ignorant and deserve to be burned. That is, you know you have HIV but instead of using rubber or protection, your job is to infect your fellow leaders and innocent women. Just wait and you will hear very soon),”

A tweep who is familiar with Sonko’s claim revealed that the politician in question is a Senator and that he openly talks about his escapades in bars.

The tweep further revealed that the HIV+ Senator usually chases away ladies in the middle of the night after infecting them with the virus. 

He also tells friends that he will infect as many people as possible since he was also infected.

Huyo Senator ni FALA #1. Jama anafanyanga UJINGA sana. I UNDERSTAND those younglings akimalizia anawafungulianga gate USIKU wa manane “out ni inje” not caring where she’ll go. His mantra ANADAI, ALIAMBUKISHWA na yeye anasambaza, haendi (kufa) solo Crying face,” the tweep tweed.

Was Sonko referring to Senator Cleophas Malala when he threatened to expose a senior politician who is infecting women with HIV?

Watch this video that Sonko shared on Twitter barely a week after he threatened to expose the HIV + politician who is infecting innocent women and connect the dots.


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