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Monday, August 2, 2021 – Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has trashed Deputy President William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model, noting that it would be a recipe for disaster if he becomes president in 2022.

Speaking on his channel dubbed the 5th Estate, the analyst alluded that the bottom-up model had not achieved a stroke in the past- pointing out to three countries that previously used the model and their eventual outcome. 

He mentioned the Soviet Union, China, and Tanzania, which used the bottom-up approach economic model before but failed terribly.

Ngunyi also claimed that Ruto was misadvised by economist David Ndii who would inadvertently cause his downfall. 

Further, he alluded that the DP’s camp did not understand the model in itself hence it attracted memes and demeaning jokes over the past week. 

“This gentleman (Ndii) does not mean well for Ruto.”

“The DP needs something to handle, to hang his conversations, something to sell to hustlers but he has turned to the wrong guy because he has advised the losing side in every election.” 

“That’s why he has gone, polished and taken an old idea put it out there and DP and his fellows are talking gibberish as they cannot explain it,” Ngunyi stated. 

He also gave an example of the Marxism–Leninism theory which detailed that the bottom-up approach would only be effective if it comes after the fall of capitalism.

Capitalism is a system whereby private owners manage a country’s trade and industry sector for profit.

He compared the model to Raila’s principle, which involves the ‘Made in Kenya’ model. 

He added that Raila’s principle symbolized an economy that would be built from the middle class to the outer instead of the bottom-up approach.  

“Conceptually the bottoms up model is just a big fat lie being told by smooth criminals and incompetent economists, I rest my case,” Ngunyi pointed out.


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  1. This ngunyi, gun for hire should learn to the truth. The truth will set you free. Who says there won’t be the first time for the model to succeed in Kenya?

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