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Maybe Ruto planned to Have Aydin Deported So that He Can Steal from Him


A Victim and a Villain – A thief and an innocent investor.

A script that the late Ministers Nicholas Biwott and Prof George Saitoti used to defraud foreign investors is back at play, only now that it attracted a lot of media and hence public attention.

 They will bring in investors on Joint Venture (JVC) basis with their firms as local partners, and once the money was home, and in some cases the project up and running for a few months, they would then use state machinery at their disposal to frustrate and eventually deport the foreign investors, hence leaving them with 100% of the investments.

A lot of stories and theories have been peddled on why DP William Ruto was for the first time in 8years blocked from travelling out of the country into Uganda. And also who Turkish businessman Harun Aydin really is, a terrorism financier or a genuine businessman?. The Turkish Embassy in Kenya had to come out and clear the air on his identity.

Here are some quick facts;

– As DP Ruto stated only to be misquoted, Equity bank was only to facilitate, not to give a loan, no local bank can give an individual such an amount as a loan facility, the collateral needed would be tremendous. By facilitating, it means the money was being brought into the country or into Uganda from Turkey, and hence a cartel-friendly local bank with branches across the region was needed to act as an official conveyor belt.

-Nobody blocked the DP from travelling to Uganda, it was all planned, remember one of the politicians claimed they called the head of Public service, the head of Immigration and Ministry of Interior, and nobody had any knowledge.

-The government of Uganda claimed they had no prior information that Kenya’s DP was to travel to Uganda for protocol basis/arrangements, same to Kenya’s Embassy in Uganda and the Ministry of foreign affairs. Remember a deputy President is not a common man travelling into a Country, that countries leadership and security agencies must be aware for security reasons. No one was aware.

– Looking at the flight manifest, there was no security detail for the Deputy President, regardless of it being a private trip. The DP must at all times travel with atleast 3 official police bodyguards, paid for by the state. There was none, so DP was to travel only with some MP’s, his PA and the businessman.#strange

-With Harun Aydin deported after being labelled a terrorism financier, it means he is a persona-non-grata in Kenya and several other countries, and possibly will be on Interpol’s Radar on some baseless claims from Kenya’s Security and Intelligence Agencies orchestrated by DP Ruto cronies and cartels.

-President Museveni is not anywhere close when the roll of Integrity is called, his administration is accused of perpetrating some of the most heinous crimes against humanity, hence zero integrity.

– Harun Aydin has lost his $150 Million (KSH. 15Billion),to a cartel that has it’s roots in both Kenya and Uganda’s top leadership.

– The strategy was simple, the DP had to tag along 2 loudmouth politicians with a big social media following (Ndindi nyoro and Oscar Sudi). A few top bloggers were roped in to add more fire to the story, and the narrative quickly shifted from DP being blocked from travelling to Harun Aydin being a terrorist.

-Nobody has come out openly to admit that they issued orders for the DP to be blocked, in turn of events, the state has swallowed the bait, we saw Interior PS Kibicho looking confused trying to explain what he didn’t even know.

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