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Wednesday, August 18, 2021 – Private detective Jane Mugo has weighed in on Governor Mutua’s publicized breakup with his second wife, Lillian Nganga.

Taking to her Facebook page, the fearless private detective revealed that her company was contracted by Mutua’s first wife, Josephine Thitu, to carry out investigations after she discovered that he was having an extra-marital affair with Lillian.

After thorough investigations, Jane confirmed that Mutua was having a secret affair with Lillian, something that he admitted after he was slapped with concrete evidence.

This prompted his first wife Josephine to walk out of their troubled marriage.

Jane Mugo narrated how Mutua used to mistreat his first wife and their children after they divorced.

The renowned private detective revealed that before Mutua’s first wife left the country to Australia, she broke down into tears and told her ‘’ya Dunia ni hapa.’’

Josephine’s tears have come back to haunt Governor Mutua after his second wife Lillian announced their breakup last Sunday.

Here’s the long post that Jane Mugo posted on her Facebook page weighing in on Mutua’s marital woes.

They say marriage is not a bed of Roses. The size of bed or the location of the bed does not matter. What matters is those using the bed, things being discussed in that bed room, or strength of the bed. Only bedmates can sort the mess. 

Due to public demand and request by one of them, let me comment on this ongoing debate. 

In summary when my company discovered that the Governor mutua ( that time he was a government spokesman had affair with Lillian, they were staying in langata and kileleshwa. 

I remember he initially denied later confessed, accepted to the wife reasons he was dating her , because she supports his political ambitious and she was his confidant.

He was already campaigning to be machakos governor. 

I remember going to save Josephine (his first wife) from Westland home where she had been locked with her children and her house manager. She wanted to leave the country to Australia where their children are citizens.

Thank God she later left same day. She cried at airport and told me detective Jane Mugoh ya ( ndunia ni hapa) she was crying for her children . 

I felt bad but am one person who don’t attack or judge people harshly being a private detective have dealt with many married couples, dating couples, lovers, divorced, young and old I have seen alot last 22 years. 

In summary men when you get a side chick or second wife respect your first wives and Second wives respect goat wives. 

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