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Saturday, 21 August 2021 –  A 31-year-old woman identified as Jane Wairimu Macharia killed her two-year-old daughter and then committed suicide at the Deliverance area of Kitengela early this week.

The deceased woman is said to have left a suicide note claiming that she was tired of her husband’s infidelity.

On the fateful day that Jane committed the heinous act that shocked Kitengela residents, she gave her house help an off day after her husband left for work.

When the house help returned in the evening, she found the door locked from the inside, forcing her to wait for Jane’s husband after several calls to the deceased woman went unanswered.

Unfortunately, Jane’s husband had also not carried the house keys, forcing them to break into the house.

When they accessed the house, they found Jane’s body hanging in the bathroom with a rope on her neck.

The body of the couple’s two-year-old daughter was found on the couple’s matrimonial bed.

Here are photos of the deceased woman.

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  1. It’s scary when a beautiful woman kills her husband and daughter then takes her own life, she looks a happy and caring wife but inside her there is dark side, love is sweet caring and we all would love to cherish it with loved ones getting old and have good memories about each other, but when infidelity steps in then every couple raise there eyes brows, they say life is like a road with many signs but when you forget reading the signs then that’s when tragedy comes and it will be late to turn things around for innocent children who have a bright future along the way and that’s when the headlines appear in newspapers and social media let’s take care of one another and if it doesn’t work it’s good to find help and give each other time may be things my turn right, For couples and the ones who are about to settle down and have children it’s good to check the signs before it’s too late and who knows my be tomorrow it may you.

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