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Friday, 20 August 2021 – Omosh’s first wife, Mrs. Ngatia, is appealing to well-wishers to help her construct her own house, months after her husband was gifted a new house by a local real estate company.

Speaking in an interview with a popular Youtuber, Omosh’s wife said that she has accumulated huge debts due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She claims that she cannot afford to pay her rented bedsitter in Kayole and may be evicted soon.

She has reportedly been chased out of 4 different houses for defaulting rent.

Mrs. Ngatia’s children have also been on and off school because of a lack of fees.

According to Mrs. Ngatia, who was one of the actresses at Tahidi High, she lives in her bedsitter in Kayole with her three children.

 She has not paid rent for two months.

“Naishi bedsitter ya 5 thousand… Niko na arrears ya miezi miwili… Hii COVID imenipeleka vibaya sana. Kazi ilipodidimia, pesa nazo zikadidimia automatically… Landlord bado anangoja pesa mwisho wa mwezi. 

“Alafu pia alikuwa ananiona kwa TV…” she said.

“Mimi sitaki kusumbua watu. Kwa sababu unajua saa hizi, times ni hard… Mimi naomba tu nijengewe ata kama ni one bedroom ya mabati… Ya kushikilia tu, ”she added.

Here’s a video of Omosh’s first wife begging for help from wellwishers.

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