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Sunday, August 29, 2021 -A man has narrated how he fell in love with a lady he met in a club in Buruburu, not knowing that she was orchestrating an evil plan.

After knowing each other for a week, she invited him to her house where she lured him to thugs.

Narrating the horrifying incident on Twitter, the man said that the cunning lady left him in the house to go and buy a soda and locked the door, claiming that crime was rampant in the area.

He started sensing danger when she took too long to return and stopped picking her calls.

He couldn’t get out of the house since the door was locked.

After close to two hours, a man came out of the blue armed with a gun while in the company of two other men who were also armed and stormed in breathing fire.

The armed man accused him of messing up with his wife.

The poor man was robbed clean and left with only a boxer.

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