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Thursday, August 26, 2021 – Former President Daniel Arap Moi’s grandson, Collins Kibet Moi, is the biological father to two children sired with a Baringo politician.

DNA test results show that Kibet sired the two children with Gladys Jeruto Tagi with 99.9% probability.

The children were at the centre of contention after the politician sued Kibet for negligence, accusing him of abandoning his fatherly responsibilities.

“The children exhibit a compatible obligatory paternal allelic profile with that of Collins Toroitich Moi,” read the report.

Tagi had accused Kibet of absconding his paternal duties, forcing her to seek the court’s intervention in April this year.

She told the court that Kibet never took any paternal responsibility despite being a well-off businessman.

“I am currently unable to provide for the children alone as the needs are so many and would need to be assisted,” she stated.

She argued that efforts to contact Kibet were futile, pointing to the possibility that the late President’s grandson had blocked her calls.

According to Tagi, they had been living together for four years before separating in 2012 and were blessed with two children; a boy and a girl.

In her suit, she claims that she needs Ksh1 million monthly for the children’s basic needs, school fees, and other upkeep needs.

Kibet, however, disputed siring the kids and sought a DNA test in order to affirm whether he was the biological father or not.


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