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Sunday, 22 August 2021 – A man who deputized Miguna Miguna when he was contesting for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat in 2017 has been exposed as a notorious conman.

James Karihe Kathungu, who masquerades as a businessman, is an alleged professional conman who has swindled several Kenyans their hard-earned cash.

A car dealer took to social media and narrated how Karihe issued him bouncing cheques after he sold him a car.

Another victim identified as Peter Agwambo had also taken to Twitter and exposed Karihe after he conned him Ksh 434,000.

The suspect is reportedly protected by rogue police officers.

Here’s what one of the victims who has been conned by Karihe wrote on social media.

Fellow Kenyans

The craze to steal has reached epic. And theft and conmanship has become a profession of some Kenyans. This tale has been manifested by JAMES KARIHE KATHUNGU ID NO. 29331881 AND PHONE NO. 0726915667. And former Miguna Miguna Deputy Governor 

I am a car dealer here in Mombasa and he stole a Lexus car from me Registration No. KCL 010Q car from me and gave me fake cheques of 600,000/=. Before this, he stole from a gentleman in Nairobi by the name Peter Agwambo a sum of 434,000/= of Tel. No. 0707083627 on false pretense. He further coned a lady by the name Maggie Mugendi who happened to his classmate back at the University and the list continues because this his main and side hustle.

The Kenya police and the investigative agencies seem to be complesant and have never brought him to book despite the numerous reports. What remains and needs to be done with Pronto is to excommunicate him from the society as soon as possible.

My appeal.

If you get wind of or see him anywhere, please let me know through 0707083627 / 0724000000. And if you’re planning to have any deal with him, please abandon that quest because you’re as good as conned.

Please help a brother and help Kenya. It’s ours to build.

Here are photos of the notorious conman whom Miguna picked as his Deputy when he was vying for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat.

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