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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – Kisumu County Governor, Prof Anyang Nyong’o, has become the first economist to poke holes in Deputy President William Ruto’s Bottom-up Economic model.

Speaking on Wednesday, Nyong’o, who is a renowned political scientist and economist, said Ruto’s Bottom-up model is an outdated phrase that has been used for ages to the point that it is now tasteless.

“Hackneyed phrases. Words that have been used for ages that finally no longer mean anything because from what I know, from the development economics that had been preached by the world bank multilateral organizations, NGOs and so on for so long; the word bottoms up has been used to the extent that it no longer means much,” said Nyong’o

The first term Kisumu governor also demonstrated that the phrase has been overused even in places of training, hence not a unique idea by all standards.

“Even if you go to a management training, a trainer will tell you to use a bottom-up approach by beginning by asking you questions before I give the answers because I want to start from the bottom to up. So it is an overused cliché.” He reiterated.

In the meantime, the bottom-up economic approach has been facing it rough from Kenyans who are confused following strange explanations from close allies of Ruto.

Last week, Kandara MP, Alice Wahome, and Kiambu Woman Representative, Gathoni Wamuchomba, were unable to explain the model despite preaching about it in public forums and social media platforms.


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  1. Prof. Theory is quite different from vitu kwa ground. You are a governor of Kisumu now, you should start implementing the opposites of bottom up if you are serious in criticizing the DP Ruto’s model of development.

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