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Sunday, August 1, 2021 – Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has denied slapping a contractor on Friday by the name of Stephen Masinde over Sh3.4 million.

This is even as he was captured in a video clobbering Masinde, who is also a local musician, in the presence of school children and teachers.

Speaking to journalists, Barasa stated that he was signaling Stephen Masinde to zip up his trousers, adding that he had unsuccessfully tried to alert him in a coded message.

In addition, Barasa acknowledged that he knew Masinde well, claiming that he was a long-time friend.

“Mimi nilikua naenda tu kumuambia afunge zip kwa sababu niliona najaribu kumfinyia macho lakini naona ni kama network yake haishiki vizuri ikabidi mimi mwenyewe niende nimuambie. (I kept winking at him and telling him to zip his pair of trousers but he did not understand the message),” Barasa stated.

“He has accompanied me to a number of rallies during campaigns and entertained the audience because he is also a musician,” he added.

Events unfolded on Friday after Barasa arrived at Baptist Lurare Primary School in Kimilili Constituency where he was to launch five classrooms that had been constructed by the National Government Constituency Development Fund.

On arriving, Barasa found that the classrooms had been locked by Masinde who stated that he had not been paid for the services he had offered, prompting the MP to slap him.


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