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Bitcoin and dance: How is the digital currency helping?


Bitcoins and Salsa are two very different concepts. While one is a form of cryptocurrency, another is a form of performing arts. F. A. Hayek in ‘The Use of Knowledge in Society’ stated that the ones who incline towards the notion of ‘conscious direction’, simultaneously cannot be tolerant towards the evolved designs that exist should keep in mind one of the basic tenets which is- The primary problem actually lies with utilization of resources, and the extension of its span, by and large. It is all about the control, the conscious holding back, and letting go.

As long as the expansion of span is the point of people’s concern, it can bring about desirable results in their chosen fields. This article will be exploring how these two distinct concepts have a common ground- human behaviour and attitude towards them. But before going into the matter, it is important to know of a  certain social phenomena called the Spontaneous Order.

Spontaneous Order:

Spontaneous Order is a social phenomenon that social scientists explain as the emergence of stable order from utter chaos, disorder and instability. Evolutionary biology would describe this Spontaneous Order to be the survival of the fittest. In case you want to know more, you can have a look at

In currency exchange forms like Bitcoin and a dance form like salsa, a similar phenomenal behaviour is noticed. An individual’s action is guided by his or her self interest that leads to a state of equilibrium. This increases the chances for the system or form to survive.

A decentralised system is the most crucial prerequisite for Spontaneous Order to take place. So to put it differently, voluntary action of a being is the core reason for this phenomena to occur. Spontaneous Order forms a system that is more anti-fragile than what an individual or else is able to create.

Let us see how the coming of two distinct systems- bitcoins as a cryptocurrency system and Salsa as a dance form, stand as examples of this phenomena.

About Bitcoin:

Bitcoin has thousands of honest miners across the world, who compete to authenticate transactions embedded in the blockchain. This decentralized and disrupted peer-to-peer legitimation process awards new minted bitcoins to investors and minors as an incentive for cooperation.

Bitcoin was initially known as the preferred currency to exchange while buying or selling illegal and illicit items on the dark web. But now Bitcoin is considered to be an investment with multiple fold return potential. In a few years, perhaps a stand alone monetary system.

Bitcoin is a currency that cannot be manipulated, even by the governments. The reason for it being the Antifragility embedded in the blockchain network.

Salsa Dance:

Eddie Torres, also known as the “Mambo King” introduced the  “1–2–3–5–6–7” counting system to salseros a year ago. Thus, he revolutionised a dance form that originated in the 70’s in NYC’s street salsa parties.

Dance can portray personal expression. The “1–2–3–5–6–7” count of Salsa added a layer of protocol on top of the original dance form that helped understand and decide the dance partner’s moves. Thus, the impromptu characters and moves of Salsa creates allows for an organised disorder and controlled chaos . Hence, its “arrebatado” nature - a dance count made by decentralizing the previous framework. Spontaneous Order induced by this disorder and chaos resulted in the worldwide adoption of salsa dance as popularly as we know now.

Proof-of-Work and Guaguanco:

Bitcoin miners and investors are scattered around the world. They provide the proof-of-work that authenticates and legitimizes the existence of transactions to the overall network and blockchain. “Guaguanco” is the proof-of-style of Salseros that involves the essence of the dance. Irrespective of the dancer’s nationality or identity, the Guaguanco can be achieved and perfected by any talented and willing person on any international Salsa dance floor.


We sincerely hope you really enjoyed figuring this connection between two rather unconnected realms. Bitcoin’s blockchain system has made it Antifragile. Similarly, international cognition and competition of Salsa has made it to improve and innovate and develop. So as a whole both these concepts will thrive more with time because of Spontaneous Order. It also enables the system’s continued success. Bitcoin and salsa dance, as a result, will only thrive over time.

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