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Kenya is a land of lawlessness as we see in the following list of lawyers who have been caught up in scams. The list is in no particular order. Unfortunately for some reasons, most of them are in gold scamming business. This business thrives in Kenya because of the high price of gold that lures people to it and lack of understanding of how the precious metals business is run.

Joel Kimutai Bosek

Lawyer Kimutai was in 2020 sued for defrauding Japanese businessman Asano Tatsunori of Sh79.2 million in a fake gold scheme. The Japanese businessman accused Mr Bosek of colluding with the local gold dealers whom he was also acting for “to defraud him $722,080 (Sh72.08 million) in the fake gold racket.”

Mr Tatsunori claims he paid Mr Bosek for Sh5,498,000 in legal fees and Sh67.5 million for the gold via his law firm.

Tom Ngoe Tom

Ngoe appears on virtually every gold scam case. The serial gold scammer operates underground yet he is a lawyer. You won’t find anything about him in the media, and he the reason for the camera and PR-loving Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) not showing the faces of gold scammers when they arrested. Thomas Ngoe is the leader of a calibre of lawyers who have specialised in advising foreigners on barriers to entry, which include foreign investment regulations, policies, and specific commitments under various trade agreements, customs duty.

Tom Ngoe is the personal lawyer of Jared Otieno who has been mentioned severally in the serial fraud cases. This guy is not registered to practice law, but he is trained in law. Lawyer Ngoe has millions of money stashed in proxy bank accounts.

Tom Ayieko Okundi

This man is big in scams. He is closely tied to gold scammers Tom Ngoe and Jared Otieno. He helped Jared scam Sh.300M from Simuong Group Limited. Money laundering is always facilitated by lawyers in Kenya, its lawyers who use their connections to help looters take their money to tax havens.

Mr Okundi knows all the ways to do this. A plot was hatched to disguise the money from Simuong Group to Jared made look like a loan. So Ayieko Of Okundi &Co Advocates drew a loan agreement between Jared who used a lady named Rose Adhiambo Omamo as her pawn in the deal as the borrower and Simuong as the lender.

In 2019, Emirates wanted their gold, and Simuong wanted the Sh300 million back. The cases drag on in court. Tom’s pictures are also not available online. Duncan Okatch As a money launderer per excellence, Duncan Okatch’s 40 days reached after Nigerian Scammer Ray Hushpuppi was nabbed by US FBI agents. Hushpuppi had used Okatch’s law firm Okatch and Partners Advocates to defraud a Qatari business person of Sh200 million. The wheels of justice are rushing towards him with impeccable speed, this one touched the wrong level. If it were Kenyan judges, he would be easy because many gold scamming lawyers still walk the streets.

Philemon Morara

In May 2021, Philemon Morara stood before Milimani law courts chief magistrate Francis Andayi charged with conspiracy to defraud heirs of Suresh and Narain (both deceased) shares in the company while posing as directors and external lawyers for Global Apparels Kenya (EPZ) Limited-GAK (EPZ) Ltd, respectively. The crime was committed between October 16, 2016, and June 13, 2018, according to the evidence presented in court.

Morara and his co-accused, a businessman by the name Shandadpuri Ghansyam Choithram were accused of forging a transfer deed on June 18, 2018, claiming it was signed by the late Suresh Lakhian and Narian Choithram Shahdadpuri.

George Kithi

In 2018, George Kithi of Kithi & Company Advocates was named among suspects who forged land documents to secure five loans worth Sh449 million from Commercial Bank of Africa The DCI had charged him together with 16 other individuals and companies. The DCI wanted the suspects charged with conspiracy to defraud, obtaining credit by false pretence, forgery of documents of title and uttering false documents. The case drags on.

Nancy Barasa & Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Soita and Saende Advocates

Former deputy Chief Justice, Nancy Barasa, and prominent city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, are among those who may have benefited from the Sh313 million, paid to Sirisia MP, John Waluke, and his company, by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB). The two John Walukhe and former VP Moody Awori’s Sister Grace Wakhungu spent some many days in prison due to this scandal.

Nancy Barasa was paid Sh5million whereas Ahmednasir received SH40 million through his law firm Ahmednassir and Adbikadir and Company advocates. Soita and Saende Advocates was the big holder of the money as it received Sh297 million from NCPB. The documents that were used to secure the payments were forged.

Ochieng Opiyo Ochieng Opiyo Advocates is mentioned in a gold scam. Ochieng Opiyo Advocates are said to have facilitated the theft of Sh71.5 million after he allegedly collected the money on behalf of a company owned by two Zambian nationals. He is under the radar of the DCI after the Asset Recovery Authority (ARA) said it is following upon his business accounts and property in the country. ARA states that the intricate money-laundering scheme is done through a plot that dupes foreigners that they are receiving gold with bank details indicating that it is timber that is being exported.

Stephen Gitonga

Lawyer Gitonga’s sins are interesting. He sleeps with his female clients. It was reported that Mr. Gitonga, who specializes in divorce and child maintenance cases likes to lure high profile women who are sexually starved. People working with him at Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates, have always wondered why the lawyer likes to take up women divorce cases only.

Mr. Gitonga is said to have a liking for wealthy women whom he targets for their desperation. He always promise these women a win in court after taking a lot of money from them. Most of this women are coming out because they feel shortchanged; cheated, fucked and lost the cases. Poor lot.

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