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Friday, August 20, 2021 – Renowned Nairobi lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has praised Court of Appeal Judge, Patrick Kiage, over his wide grasp of law, particularly on constitutional matters.

Kiage is in the seven-judge bench that is currently ruling on the fate of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) after it was declared unconstitutional by the High Court in May this year.

The Appeal Judges are required to establish whether the President can be sued in a personal capacity if he goes against the constitution.

The Judges were also required to find out whether the president can initiate a constitution-making process under the current constitution.

Several judges gave powerful submissions but it was Justice Patrick Kiage who caught the eye of many.

The learned judge took his time to deliver a well-prepared Judgement that saw him dash any hopes for the BBI team.

According to Justice Kiage, the spirit of the constitution must preside and permeate the process of judicial interpretation and judicial discretion.

He noted that a few powerful individuals have tried to take this country back to the dark old days, something he vowed to stop.

Kiage also noted that the 2010 Constitution was a product of immense sweat and intense public participation and that the people of Kenya were ready to prevent the constitution from mutilation, the power is original and inherent in the sovereign of the people.

Many Kenyans were quick to praise him, with lawyer Ahmednassir labeling him the Jurist of the year.

Justice Kiage is the JURIST OF THE YEAR,” Ahmednasir wrote on his Twitter page.


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