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Monday, 30 August 2021 – Over the weekend, Edgar Obare exposed a group of young flamboyant men in Nairobi who are involved in multi-million shillings fraud.

They disguise themselves as legit businessmen and hang out with prominent media personalities to cover their tracks.

They particularly love hanging out with popular TV girls.

Former KTN anchor Betty Kyallo is among the media personalities who are linked to the fraudsters, famously known as ‘Wash Wash’ guys, in the mind-blowing expose.

Edgar Obare alleged that the wash wash guys use Betty Kyallo to do money laundering.

One of the top wash wash guys reportedly funded her to open the high-end Posh Palace salon and spa in Kilimani.

Renowned columnist Silas Nyachwani has predicted that Betty Kyallo may soon land in trouble if she continues to hang out with the wash wash guys.

Laying his sentiments on Facebook after Edgar Obare’s expose, Nyanchwani wrote; “Wash wash guys always want legitimacy and they try to gain it by hanging out with respectable members of the society.

Female journalists (TV presenters) on the pretty side of things are their easiest target.

 And if you are female journalist with elastic values, they can milk a lot of selfies from you.

Female TV presenters if not well mentored are likely to run into problems especially when they don’t transition from the TV to the outside world well (into PR, business-legit business, i.e).

Those who choose the wash-wash route, to reap the benefits of wash-wash hardly have a happy ending. Because that lifestyle, you wake up one day and it is gone. People go to jail. People die young. And for a female journo, younger ones are being made every day, you can easily find yourself alone. 

Live on the fast lane, but burn-out is real.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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