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Even though there are many document formats, the most common format includes the Word and PDF format. However, when the professional setting of any business or organization is considered, the PDF format wins without a doubt. It is believed that the PDF format is better than the Word format and therefore is preferred as the final document format. It is common to find people working in formats like Word and Excel and then sharing the file in PDF format. Here are seven reasons to help you switch your document format into PDF. 

1. PDFs are a universal format

Even though it is easy to edit a Word document, the formatting and orientation of the document might change when viewed in another format that does not support the same version of Word. However, the compatibility of a document is never an issue with the PDF format. Irrespective of the device or the operating system used by the document, the PDFs are readable in their original format and orientation. 

2. It can be password protected

If one is dealing with sensitive documents via PDFs, it is possible to password protect the document to ensure that the user who has the right password is the only one who is able to access the document. Further, a password-protected PDF ensures that the document which is being shared by the sender to the receiver is secure. With more than 66 cyber attacks a week, password protecting a document has become a must. In addition to textual documents, a conversion from JPG to PDF for secure transfer is possible after which the file can be converted back from PDF to JPG. Further, many sensitive data like the data required in court should not leave an electric footprint and PDF is perfect to meet that requirement. 

3. Easy conversion 

PDFs are easy to create and convert. It can be directly converted from other popular variants like Word and Excel format which allows the users to export the document as PDF. Further, there are numerous tools available online like Lua PDF Converter and PDFelement that support easy conversion. 

4. Reduces the size of the file 

It is easy to Compress PDF to reduce the size of the document. It is possible to compress the PDF document without compromising the quality of the files. Further, in addition to compression, it is also possible to merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF for easy sharing. 

5. Support for interactive document

PDFs support a wide variety of interactive media like hyperlinks, music, movies and other elements to create an interactive experience for the user. The PDF also allows the users to open a website right from the hyperlink making it one of the popular formats to register for seminars or workshops. Both the textual and the non-textual elements can be added to a PDF document to mould it to meet the requirement of the user. 

6. PDF documents are searchable

The PDF documents are searchable and allow the users to find a particular term or element that they are looking for. Also, it is possible to arrange all the information available in a PDF document with a table of contents. Additionally, the chapters in the table of contents can be directly linked to appropriate pages of the PDF document making it extremely easy for the reader to land on a particular page for specific information. 

7. PDFs are search engine friendly 

All the PDFs which are available online are SEO friendly. This means when a PDF is uploaded to any website, a relevant keyword in the search engine will land the searcher in the appropriate PDF. Further, this feature allows the user to integrate the PDF to any website without compromising the SEO of the website. 

On top of it, the PDF files can be edited easily online with PDF editing tools that are available online. The basic editing features required for managing any PDF are supported by almost all the basic versions of the PDF editor. After the PDF has been edited and managed, it can be shared and transferred easily from one device to another. The small size of the PDF document makes the file transferring process extremely fast. 

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