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The popularity of card games in the offline world has pushed many game developers to create online card games. The online card game was welcomed with a huge hug which further boosted its popularity and now, the internet is flooded with many gaming websites and apps that support online card games. Even though there is a little scepticism in moving from the traditional way of playing card games to online card games, this is a shift that is needed to ensure that there is efficiency in the gameplay. 

1. It activates the brain cell

Playing online card games puts in the function the cognitive aspect of the brain that demands concentration. With a timer going on in the background, a player playing an online card game needs to increase their focus and concentration to win the game with a good margin. This in turn, stimulates the brain cell and offers a good mental workout to the brain. Also, while playing online card games, the motor skill of the player improves due to the hand-eye coordination which is required while playing the game online. 

2. Socialization becomes possible 

COVID-19 packed everyone within their houses including the seasoned game players. Many games that require a team to be played could not be played while respecting the social distance. However, that was not the case with online card games where the player at a hard time of the pandemic too could team up with other players to win a game of card like Freecell. The online socialization that takes place amongst the card player games are in a way limited to the local geography but runs across the globe to include interaction with players from other countries too. Most of the online websites that support card games have private rooms which give an intimate setting to its player to make new connections. 

3. Acts as a stress buster

Many professionals prefer to play a card game like Klondike Solitaire because it is an instant stress buster and relaxes the player from the stress. The benefit of online card games is that a player does not need a company to play the game. One can always indulge oneself in the solo gameplay and eliminate the dependency on the other player totally to relax oneself easily. Further, online card games can be played anywhere and anytime making it totally portable. For playing an online card game, all that one needs is an internet connection and a device that supports a browser. Further, an online card game can be played on any device including a bulky computer to a sleek smartphone. 

4. Online card games can be used to measure the progress

When playing card games in an offline scenario, one plays the game for purely recreational purposes. However, when one plays the card games online, the player is provided with a variety of tools to measure their progress to check whether their performance in the card game has improved or decreased. Firstly, many online card games allow the player to choose the difficulty level. On the basis of the experience, a player can usually choose between easy, medium and hard difficulty levels. Secondly, most of the dashboard that supports the game allows the player to check the number of moves that one has made including the undo and the time taken to win a match and to check whether a deal was completed or not. The sum total of all the parameters is then provided in the statistical form which allows the player to check the stats of the current game with the past one for tracing their progress. Many online websites also support global leaderboards for measuring success. 

5. It helps introverts to communicate

Many times, an introvert will face difficulty in engaging themselves in a card game in a real socializing setting. However, when a card game is played online, the player gains a certain level of anonymity which acts as a huge confidence booster for introverts to play online card games. Such a setting makes an introvert comfortable in interacting with other players properly, also, improving their socialization and communication skills. A good performance in online card games can boost the confidence of a person which can help them to carry the same level of confidence in the real world too. 

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