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Monday, July 5, 2021 – Narok Senator Ledama Olekina blasted former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s attitude of holier than thou, saying no one is a saint, including Raila himself.

This follows Raila’s weekend remark labeling Deputy President William Ruto as the most corrupt Kenyan.

Speaking in Mvita Constituency, Raila vowed to jail Ruto and his corrupt Tanga Tanga followers once he clinches the presidency come 2022.

But speaking on Monday, Olekina, who is Raila Odinga’s supporter, claimed that all Kenyans are corrupt and no one is a saint, including Baba himself.

He defended Ruto’s huge donations to the church and less fortunate people, saying generosity is born out of a big heart rather than wealth.

“When we want legislation to pass, money exchanges hands all the time… No one should talk about corruption as if they are saints,” Olekina stated.

“We are all corrupt; no one is a saint in this country,” he added.

Olekina noted that most Kenyan leaders will fail the integrity test if Chapter Six of the Constitution is followed to the letter and a new approach of dealing with the issue of corruption should be explored.

He stated that talking about corruption every other time is not helpful.

“We need to go back to chapter six of the constitution in terms of the integrity test, which a lot of them will fail. 

“It’s now upon us to either go the Rwanda way or try to reconcile instead of talking about corruption on a daily basis.”

“It doesn’t matter whether we keep talking about it because it will never end,” the senator said.

According to Olekina, politicians are more prone to engage in corruption due to greed for money and the power engaging in the vice will get them.

He also pointed out that the reason the current government cannot be held accountable is that there is no opposition in Kenya.

“In the senate, you cannot tell me there is an opposition or government, the way people vote is based on who they are aligned to; not on the political party,” Olekina said.


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