Thursday, July 8, 2021 – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir is a bitter man after what President Uhuru Kenyatta did to him in 2013.

Speaking during an interview, Kiir noted that his relationship with Uhuru went south after an abortive coup in South Sudan in 2013.

He detailed that his government had intended to charge the political detainees in order to uncover their role in the coup, but Uhuru intervened and saved the detainee; something that infuriated him to the point of hating entire Kenya.

“I’m not happy with Kenya because, after the coup in 2013, President Uhuru took the lead stating that he was coming to take the leaders that I had apprehended during the coup.”

“I told him, my brother, I cannot give you these people because they have to answer to the charges in order to uncover the role they played in the coup, but Uhuru intervened affirming that he wouldn’t allow them to serve a political sentence,” he stated.

According to Kiir, he was perplexed to see Uhuru receive the detainees on a red carpet when they arrived in Kenya- pointing out that the suspects were given preferential treatment at a time they should be facing charges.

“I wondered if I had rejected what he (Uhuru) told me, what would he have to say?” he posed.

The South Sudanese leader stated that he confronted Uhuru on the matter, to which the Head of State defended his actions.

“I told Uhuru that what he did was not good, and it was not what we agreed on with him. He stated that he thought he was doing the right thing,” Kiir pointed out.

The failed coup in 2013 caused chaos in the war-stricken country which recently celebrated ten years after independence. 


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