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Thursday, July 22, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has made a big U-turn on the Government’s borrowing and now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to borrow more.

Hitherto, Raila had hated the idea of borrowing and is on record cautioning Uhuru’s Government against foreign loans.

Speaking in Mombasa yesterday, Raila urged Parliament to raise the debt cap beyond the Ksh9 trillion mark to enable Uhuru to borrow more so that he can revive the economy, support women and youth through a stimulus program, and successfully vaccinate the entire nation. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has subjected us to numerous challenges.”

“Some of these are economic deterioration, loss of jobs, and hunger.”

“I advise my brother Uhuru to copy US President Joe Biden and unveil a stimulus program that will benefit the citizens,” Raila stated.

“We should vaccinate a huge population and open the economy like in the UK.”

“In Kenya, we have vaccinated nearly 1 million individuals only.”

“No matter how expensive purchasing the drugs would cost, if we have to borrow, let us do so. 

“Parliament should also raise the debt cap so that money can be given to the mama mboga and youth too,” Raila advocated. 

According to the ODM leader, Uhuru should also upgrade the Kazi Mtaani to support the youth and inject more funding into the economy.

This is the bottoms-up approach Raila unveiled in his 15-point blueprint for the 2022 General Elections. 


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