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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 – The fate of Deputy President William Ruto now hangs by a thin thread after the International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed charges against lawyer Paul Gicheru, who intimidated witnesses against the DP, forcing them to withdraw and recant their testimonies.

The case against Ruto was suspended in 2016 after the ICC found there was insufficient evidence to get a conviction. However, the prosecutor noted that it could be reopened if and when new evidence emerged. 

According to former victims’ lawyer Wilfred Nderitu, recalling DP Ruto’s case was dependent on the approach taken by the prosecution.

He stated that the court decided to prosecute the case on its own or link it to the case against Ruto.

Should the second approach be used, then the DP will have a case to answer.

However, he explained that the evidence presented by the prosecution against Gicheru is being used in a limited context and cannot be used against Ruto as the charges against the former and the latter are different.

“Any evidence or witnesses presented before the court by the prosecution against the DP will have to be presented afresh,” Nderitu stated.

Speaking during an interview, Lawyer Eunice Lamalla stated that the case against Gicheru can be connected to DP Ruto’s case depending on how his trial pans out.

She explained that although the case against Ruto was terminated, it did not mean that he was acquitted.

Gicheru was accused of allegedly contacting witnesses, offering or paying them financial benefits, or intimidated them to withdraw as prosecution witnesses against Ruto, whom he was answerable to.


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