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Sunday, July 18, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has promised to take thousands of Kenyan youths to China to compete in the world skills competition.

In his manifesto he shared on his Facebook page on Sunday, Raila, who is planning to vie for the presidency in 2022, said youth who have skills in this new generation, which is accelerated by technology, will have a chance to go to China so that they can get more knowledge.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader says that the next conference will happen in Shanghai and wants Kenyan youth to attend and see how the world is moving fast in terms of technology and innovation.

“We need to start sending our youths to the World Skills Competition. The 46th edition will be held in Shanghai, China in October next year. Kenya’s youth need to be there.

“Identifying skilled youth needs to be done the same way we select athletes and footballers to Olympics and other international competitions,” Raila said.

The former Premier said that youth have been left behind, which is now affecting the national government, where money is being stolen by prominent leaders but nothing is happening to them. 

He urged the youth to vote for him in the next general election slated for August 2022.


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