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Sunday, July 18, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has promised to put Kenyan youth atop his agenda as he continues to lay out his strategy for the 2022 General Elections.

This comes as his main competitor, Deputy President William Ruto, put up a spectacular show in Kiambaa where his UDA beat Jubilee in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘bedroom’ in the just concluded by-election.

Taking to social media on Sunday, Raila promised to take youths to Shanghai, China in order to compete in the World Skills competitions.

Further, he criticized how Kenya is left behind in terms of innovation and policies in order to identify youth potential and turn it into a profitable income. 

“We need to start sending our youths to the World Skills Competition.”

“The 46th edition will be held in Shanghai, China in October next year.”

“Kenya’s youth need to be there.”

“Identifying skilled youth needs to be done the same way we select athletes and footballers to Olympics and other international competitions,” read part of the statement.

The ODM leader also advocated for the creation of a permanent central human resource department dedicated to identifying and capitalizing on the youths’ talents.

Among the functions, he stipulated for the body would be to organize domestic skills competitions and selecting the best youth to compete in international events, keeping a data bank of skilled youths and sourcing support for them.

Others include the introduction of scholarships for those who sought to perfect their technical skills and also an apprenticeship training program in order to help the youth keep up-to-date with the changing times.

He added that this would go a long way in promoting locally made products by ensuring homegrown industrialization.

The ODM leader has been advocating for key policies in what he termed as the future of Kenya.

Among them include efficient government structures as well as a firm judiciary in order to dispense justice.


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  1. Even Satan promises Heaven in Hell. Ungepeleka wakati ulikuwa na nafasi just as the late icon Tom J.Mboya did, he din’t wait to be president.

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