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Saturday, 17 July 2021 – Eric Omondi has hit back at Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua by flaunting Ksh 3 Million in cash after he called him broke and poor.

Mutua had accused Eric Omondi of faking a lavish lifestyle on social media and alleged that he cannot afford to dish out even a 100 bob to the needy.

His remarks agitated the former Churchill Show comedian and forced him to flaunt a wad of notes spread on the bed and floor of a room to prove that he is not broke as alleged.

He alleged that the notes, which were in Tanzanian currency, amounted to Ksh 3 Million.

The self-declared President of Comedy in Africa claimed that he was paid the money after performing in a show in Tanzania.

“Ezekiel Mutua, this is how Ksh3 million looks like. Nimesikia umesema wasanii ni maskini, nimesikia umesema talanta hailipi, nimesikia umesema wasanii ni omba omba; ni beggars (I have heard you have said artists are poor, I have heard that you said talent does not pay, I have heard you said artists are just mere beggars),” he ranted in the video that he shared on his Instagram page.

“This is genuine sweat and blood, genuine God-given talent. 

“You will not discourage our young generation of talents; you will not discourage our brothers and sisters; talent pays in this age,” he added.

Here’s the video.

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  1. I agree with Ezekiel mutua you’re indeed a poor man and to make it worse Kenyan celebrities take a trip to rural areas for one week with your so called wives or slay queens and give details how poor people live,who miss use your money after your broke you become a beggar in social media for example take a Maasai they have no security guards yet they protect there cattle’s and live with the big five yet they sleep peaceful with stars above there roofs and yet they don’t have cameras or security lights with no body guards yet they have many cattle’s,sheep’s and goats the so called rich buy meat from them yet they get it free, think twice and stop being poor and let’s learn from simple things in life instead of complaining and true life is not measured with material things love,friendship and freedom are valuable things in life.respect to Ezekiel mutua

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