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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 – Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju sarcastically took a swipe at DP William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model that is at the center of his 2022 presidential campaign message.

Addressing participants at an event in Murang’a County, which was attended by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Tuju attempted to define the bottoms-up economic model in Swahili and left everyone in stitches.

“This issue of the bottoms-up economy, maybe Peter Kenneth (former presidential candidate and Gatanga MP) you can translate it. What is it in Swahili? Matako juu?” Raphael Tuju said as he exited the podium, leaving the crowd laughing uncontrollably.

Even Raila could not hide his laughter as he giggled laughed uncontrollably over Tuju’s mockery of Ruto’s bottom-up approach.

William Ruto’s bottom-up economic approach, whose main thrust is empowering the common man, has attracted a lot of criticism from his political opponents trying to debunk his campaign messaging.

They have done their best to make the bottom-up catchphrase look negative or even derogatory.


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  1. The people in opposing side of the DP Ruto don’t seem to learn anything. They began criticizing the word HUSTLER, ngooo! They made the hustler even more popular and they no longer talk about it. Now they are now again talking loudly against BOTTOM-UP model of economic development in the next government. Bwana DP, you don’t need to do anything to propel your development model. They likes of Tuju, Atwoli, Mudavadi, Sakaja,and Raila among many others are now selling you. You are a genius man!

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