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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 – Lugari Member of Parliament Ayub Savula may have dashed Deputy President William Ruto’s hope of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta with these shocking claims.

Speaking yesterday, Savula claimed that Election Act does not allow Ruto to vie for president in 2022.

According to Savula, it was wrong and hypocritical for Ruto to criticize the same government for which he is the deputy president.

He challenged the second in command to step aside before the 2022 General Elections if he wants to run for president after falling out with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Savula noted that he has no problem with Ruto’s political and personal affairs, adding that the only issue is that the DP is still in the government yet he says he’s no longer in the ruling Jubilee Party, which elevated him to power.

The Musalia Mudavadi-allied lawmaker alleged that DP Ruto is not following the constitutional due process, revealing that his agreement with the Head of State is shattered.

He stated that Ruto has no choice but to vacate the deputy president’s seat if he wants to continue with his presidential ambition and equally quit the Jubilee party and join United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party according to the Election Act.

“I telling you my in-laws, I am a Pastor’s son, Ruto will not compete as a presidential candidate when he is still a deputy president.”

“Election Act states that you must belong to a party, Ruto will not be in Jubilee Party, and when he joins UDA, he will not be a party member in Jubilee and will not be a deputy president. He will have to resign. That is the fact,” Savula stated.


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