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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 – Suna East MP Junet Mohammed has invoked the name of God to get his message home as far as the 2022 General Election is concerned.

Speaking in Tana River County, Junet claimed that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was healed from COVID-19 because of the plans God has for him in 2022.

According to Junet, God wants Raila to be the president of Kenya come 2022 that’s why he spared his life.

“I know God will bless us and in fact, I have already seen the signs. Our party leader here got Covid-19 but he recovered; that means God has a plan for him over 2022. God has a plan with us,” Junet Mohamed said.

He gave direct hints that Raila Odinga will be on the presidential ballot in 2022.

At the same time, Junet took a swipe at DP William Ruto over accusing the Jubilee government of failure yet he is part of them.

“People who are working in government come here, they tell you if you elect them they will do this and this. 

“The question they should be asked is; ‘why not do it now? Why wait until we elect you?” Junet posed.

“We as ODM, led by Raila Amollo Odinga want to bring money to the pockets of Kenyans. 

“We don’t want these false prophets who are talking about a bottom-up economy,” the Suna East MP said.

Junet Mohamed and other ODM leaders had accompanied Raila Odinga on a short tour of the Coastal region.


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