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Monday, July 26, 2021 – Baringo Senator and KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has warned Deputy President William Ruto to stop threatening communities living in Rift Valley.

This is after it emerged that Ruto’s allies were threatening people living in the Rift valley region to vote in a certain way or face stern action against them.

Speaking in Chaka, Kieni Constituency in Nyeri County, where he had attended a church fundraiser, Moi said that every Kenyan has a right to live anywhere in the country without fear.

He said those threatening people should be aware that in this day and age you cannot threaten anyone and get away with it.

“Those days of threatening people are gone.”

“At this time, there is no person who should threaten you and think he can get away with it.”

“Everybody has a right to be in any place in this republic,” he said.

Moi promised to speak more about the action to be taken when he tours the Rift valley where threats have been issued insisting that Rift Valley is not anyone’s political bedroom as it has people with different political persuasions.

Hiyo maneno nitasema pale maneno inaanzanga, na msifikiri bonde la ufa ndio kwamba ni bedroom ya mtu mmoja hapana, bonde la ufa ni ya kila mtu na bonde la ufa liko na watu wake, watu wa pande hii, na pande hii na hiyo yote mtaona tukiendelea on how to prosecute our affairs,” he said.

He added that people will take responsibility for their actions and utterances individually irrespective of who they are.


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