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Wednesday, July 7, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has given a highlight for his vision for Kenya ahead of the 2022 General Election.

In a statement on the future of Kenya, Raila highlighted what he believes the country needs most to progress.

He imagined a Kenya with a firm foundation for the rule of law and efficient government structures.

He also reiterated that the country needs a firm judiciary that delivers fast, fair, and transparent justice.

Here is the full highlight that may render Deputy President William Ruto’s wheelbarrow vision useless;-

1. I imagine a country in which we begin with a firm foundation for the rule of law, resting on efficient government structures that can withstand all pressures.

2. We ensure a fair, efficient and transparent judiciary. Investors and citizens need assurance that when disputes arise, there will be a judiciary that will deliver fast, fair and transparent justice.

3. We continuously fight against corruption. It must be zero tolerance for complacency. Zero tolerance for corruption.

4. We invest in the prolonged stability of the nation.

5. We do more to promote social cohesion out of our ethnic and religious diversity. A house divided cannot stand.

6. We ensure massive investment in manpower development through universal access t the top-flight public education system. Trained manpower is the single most important factor determining whether we are competitive or not.

7. We go for a rigorous application of meritocracy. Once we train our youth, they must be hired purely o the basis of merit.

8. We pursue a low and transparent tax regime, backed by a clean and efficient public service running on a strong regulatory and legal framework.

9. We continue the vision of making Kenya a regional transport, communication, business and diplomacy hub. With massive investment in air, maritime, rail and road transportation, we will position Kenya as a natural hub for multinational businesses in Africa.

10. We invest in higher-value-added industries and strong productivity instead of just consumption. Consumption of things we do no produce is not sustainable.

11. Continue investing in food security and an efficient public primary healthcare system.

12. We promote and finance innovativeness, entrepreneurship, teamwork, ad work ethic. Kenyans work hard, hard work must be made to pay.

13. We enhance ongoing social protection measures with subsistence allowance for urban and rural poor.

14. End result: We make Kenya Africa’s leading financial centre; a logistics, shipping and aviation hub; Africa’s headquarter for global business, manufacturing and diplomacy. Jobs come. Upward social mobility comes for all. I believe it’s possible.


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  1. These are the obvious political songs with every aspiring politician. You can not in Kenya fight corruption by taking people to court. Justice is always delayed be course thieves rehearse before committing crime. The approach is to seal money openings to keep thieves at bay.

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