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Saturday, July 31, 2021 – Bomachoge Chache MP Alpha Miruka is lucky to be alive after he was literally chased away from a funeral yesterday by angry constituents.

The funeral was for a resident who died in a road accident within Bomachoge Chache due to bad roads.

The residents could not hide their anger at Miruka whom they accused of laxity and retrogression in terms of development in the constituency, especially road infrastructure.

They turned on him, throwing blows, chairs and whatever they could get their hands on forcing the Honourable MP to scamper for safety.

“We are not happy. We want roads and infrastructure development.” 

“Let him leave! Chase him away!” the angry youths shouted as the MPs aides bundled him in the car and sped away. 

The burial was halted for a few hours as a section of the youth vandalised the chairs and attempted to pull down the tents. 

“Our MP should ask the National Government to expedite road constructions in the area. We have waited for so long,” one youth complained. 

Questions were, however, raised on the whereabouts of police officers who were tasked with providing security at the funeral event. 

The MPs alleged that the disruption was orchestrated by his enemies who are turning the residents against him as a strategy for their 2022 General Election. 

“They have been fighting me politically. They caused the fracas, and I found it wise to leave. This is not the first time violence has been meted out on me,” Miruka lamented and urged the youth to shun chaos. 


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