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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 – Kandara MP, Alice Wahome, was subjected to endless trolls on social media on Wednesday after she was unable to explain the bottom-up economic model.

The bottom-up economic model is associated with Deputy President William Ruto and Wahome is among his disciples preaching the ideology to Kenyans.

Wahome, who appeared on Citizen TV, was asked by presenter Sam Gituku to elucidate the bottom-up economic model to Kenyans.

Like somebody who never went to school, the Tangatanga legislator started stammering saying the bottom-up economic model is ‘working from the bottom down’.

Many Kenyans, especially those supporting DP Ruto, were embarrassed after Wahome struggled to explain the ideology which is being used by the ‘Hustler Movement’.

Here is the video and reactions from netizens.

Alice Wahome Ametuangusha Kama Hustler Nation. This is a Grade 1 Question,” Ibrahim Khalif wrote.

So Raphael Tuju has officially destroyed Matako juu bottom-up economy, unfortunately, Alice Wahome has also failed to defend matako juu system,” Natasha Luna

“Here is Alice Wahome, just like Kimani Ichungwa, can’t coherently explain to us about the bottom-up economic model. They talk of Mama Mboga yet taxes are up there. They can’t legislate to help the struggling class. This thing is fallacious. Don’t fall into this trap Kenyans,” Abuga Makori wrote.


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