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Who Will Win The UEFA EURO 2021?

2020 was a miserly year from a football point of view. Even if we don’t count the suspended national tournaments and the months in which football was suspended pretty much all over the world, the biggest hit was perhaps the postponing of the 2020 European Championship due to pandemic-related restrictions.

Now, in turn, football is back, and so are the fans. In most countries, even those hit hardest by the disease, football fans are finally allowed back onto the stadiums. And in a few days, the biggest tournament of the year begins – the 2021 European Championship, marking the 60-odd-year anniversary of the tournament, hosted by 11 cities all over Europe. It will certainly be an exciting event both for football fans and sports betting enthusiasts. And the question that is, without a doubt, on every fan’s mind: Who will be the winner?

Let’s see which national football teams have the biggest chance to win EURO 2021.


The Dutch were once a true European football powerhouse with several major international football stars strengthening their ranks – but after the 1990s, their edge went dull, and so did their performance. Still, the Netherlands has a real shot at performing well at the tournament – Betway puts the Dutch team ahead of Croatia, Russia and Scotland in the top list of the favourites. Still, there are many other teams that are likely to perform better, like


Portugal has quite a lot of star power lined up in its EURO 2020 (2021?) squad, including attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes and second striker João Félix. Their shot at the title is without a doubt… but it remains to be seen how they perform in the face of teams like

Germany, Italy, and Spain

According to Betway’s oddsmakers, Germany, Italy, and Spain have an equal chance of winning this year’s European tournament. All three nations are true European football powerhouses with very strong player bases, so it’s hard to say at this point which one of them will turn out to be victorious. But their chances are not quite as good as the ones of


The Belgian national team also has considerable star power with players like attacking midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and centre-forward Romelu Lukaku, among others. Belgium also won all 10 of its qualifiers, making it the only team this year to pull off this performance, thanks not only to the talents on the turf but to the vision and strategy of head coach Roberto Martínez. But it’s yet to be seen how they can handle opponents like


Coming from the birthplace of football itself, the Three Lions have a shot at winning this year’s European Championship, especially with talents like Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling on the turf. Given their history – they played the most matches in a European championship (31) without ever reaching the final – they might face tough competition from the team that Betway considers the absolute favourite this year,


France has every chance of finishing the European Championship with another tournament victory under its belt. The French national team won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it’s headed into EURO 2021 with talent like centre-forward Kylian Mbappé, central midfielder Paul Pogba and right-winger Ousmane Dembélé, not to mention the talent of Didier Deschamps who has already led the team to a World Cup victory.

The kickoff is this Friday. Stay tuned.

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